Personal File Server - Features



Personal File Server is not a typical web server.  Security has been built into the lowest levels of the product to give you complete control of who gains access to your content.  Personal File Server gives you powerful ways to control your server including:


· Flexible Port Configuration
· User Logins
· Shared Directories
· User Access to Shared Directories
· Limited Administrator Access
· Logs of User Access and Content Access


These security features all work together to make sure that security is never an issue.


Flexible Port Configuration
Personal File Server uses standard web formats for access, including the default program port of 80.  For an extra level of security, you can use any port number you like to make it more difficult for unwanted visitors to guess the location of your server


User Logins
Access to a Personal File Server requires a user id and password.  These ids and passwords are completely configurable. All login attempts are logged for future references.


Shared Directories
Personal File Server allows you to share specific directories on your computer.  So, for example, even though your users have access to a directory of pictures they won't have access to a directory of documents unless you share that directory as well.


User Access to Shared Directories
Access to shared directories is configurable by username. So you can give one user access to two directories but limit another user to just one of those directories. This feature comes in handy when sharing personal photos among family and then also wanting to share work-related photos among co-workers.

Limited Administrator Access
A great many of the administrator tasks can be performed via a web browser from any machine.  However, for an extra level of security, you can restrict administrator access to that machine on which Personal File Server is running.

Logs of User Access and Content Access
To keep you informed about how your server is being used, complete logs of user activity are kept. These logs let you see which users are using the server the most.


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